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Life on Crete

Crete is the Greek jewel in the Mediterranean. Here is just a sample of the many wonderful things about Crete.
# Beaches

Crete has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Here are just a few of them, including a couple of my favourites.

# Dining Out

Another thing the Cretans are well known for is their hospitality. They should be better known for their food. Greek food is not just souvlaki, meatballs, stifado and dalmades ! There are many fine restaurants and tavernas ( grills ) on Crete offering a huge variety of food. This is just a few of them around the Apokoronas area.

# Gorges

Many people come to Crete to walk the gorges. This is a description of the best of them throughout Crete.

# Villages

Crete isn't just about beaches, it has some wonderful landscapes with pretty villages dotted about. This is a sample of some of the best of them.

# Culture

Monasteries, churches, relics, ancient palaces, museums, so much of Crete's glorious past to be marveled at today. Just a taste on this page to be enjoyed at your leisure.