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my images given the warhol treatment
Hi there, I'm Terence Bridge and the Proprietor of TJB Photography. I hope you are enjoying the website as this is my first outing with the superb CMS software Concrete5.

Following a Grammar School education and a short dalliance with Art School, I have spent most of my career in the Construction industry in and around London.

Following retirement, my wife Jacky and myself have up sticks in the UK and taken ourselves to this beautiful Greek island of Crete. We live in the Apokoronas, an area below the White Mountains and on the north west coast of the island.

We glory in three fabulous grandsons although two reside in Australia and the most recent in the UK. As well as sport my main hobbies are photography and website designing. Crete is a marvelous place to enjoy these.


I have a passion for photography, not just capturing my own images, but looking through other peoples on Flikr, Deviantart, etc etc. I am the same about websites. I'm continually browsing the web looking at graphics, new websites, new ideas in technology, etc etc.
This is the way we learn after all.
I built my first website with Microsoft Frontpage in 1989. It was for the local boys football team. I've since used several platforms, Wordpress, Xara, Photoshop and now for the first time Concrete5.
I've found that using a theme template is the best way to learn but will in future design my own theme.

I've also found that the website is a great way to showcase my photography. I sell my images on, a company started up by some old friends of mine that used to sell school furniture. It's now become one of the biggest online image sales company.
My other passion is music and I love building online music stations. I'm going to resurrect my old station in the summer - look out for APOKORONAS365.

Early evening Chania Crete.

HARBOUR SUNSET Early evening Chania Crete.

core the band.

DRUMMER core the band.