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Fantasy Football ?

Where is our beloved game heading. Is there too much money in the game, where is this money coming from and do we care ?

  24 Dec 2017   admin

Fantasy Football ?

We've all been mesmorised by the football that Man City have been playing week after week.
It's starting to look as if Spanish football supporters will be casting an envious glance to the Premier League,
instead of the rest of Europe living in the shadow of such greats as Real Madrid and more recently Barcelona.
With Arab money waiting on the subs bench at St. James Park, this will form a triumvirate in Northern Europe of Manchester City, Newcastle and Paris St Germain.
Paris St Germain are doing to French football what Celtic are doing to Scottish football. Will the owners of Man City and Newcastle join with Paris St Germain to form a totalitarian FA based in Dubai or Qatar or some other Arab state.
I've already spoken out against FIFA which I think is a deplorable organisation and I don't believe they would hold out against the thirty pieces of silver offered from the Arab states to form some sort of oligarch league. This would then be solely controlled by television and mightily expensive to view.
nb. Maybe this would send supporters to the lower divisions - probably not.

Of course all of this exceptional talent, which only money can buy, has to be managed. If we read the papers and listen
to the pundits, Pep Guardiola is the best of these. He took on the mighty Real Madrid whilst at Barcelona and more
often than not got the better of them as well as the best of the rest of Europe. Courted in Munich where his style of
football never quite got absorbed by the German players as flair is not in their vocabulary. Then along came City with
an offer he couldn't refuse.

I do wonder how the likes of Guardiola and his neighbour Mourinho would get on managing the likes of Chesterfield or Forest Green. Wouldn't that be interesting.

I've watched some great teams in my time, Wolves and Man Utd in the fifties, Spurs, Liverpool and Man City in the sixties, the Liverpool teams of the seventies and eighties, Arsenal and Man Utd of the nineties and the dominating Man Utd teams of the next fifteen years. I don't think Man City are any better than these teams as football is about competing against other teams during that time.
Also there has to be some longevity to these performances.

Managers tend to be a bit mercenary nowadays and who can blame them as three losses can send them out the door. Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp has even told the press this week that he will leave Liverpool after seven years. It could be before that Herr Klopp, if the results do not improve.

The worrying thing for fans is where will all this stop. The problem is that the people who have all the money, therefore all the say, know that the vast majority of fans support their clubs and not the football and that, dear reader, is the nub of the problem. Football fans care about results and if the team has won on the weekend he can hold his head up in the office or factory on the Monday morning. It doesn't matter if half the team come from Africa and the other half are made up of South Americans and Southern Europe immigrants and the manager ? Well he could come from Mars as long as he can deliver the right results.

Personally, I have a problem with football being dictated by a group of people that reside over states where the bulk of the population are made up of slaves, prisoners and beggars. It's a fact that these states have only between ten and twenty percent resident nationals.
Sour grapes I hear you say, but listen to this. When this oligarch happens as surely it will, Politics with a capital P will enter the fray, as this is where the most power sits and as we know the most money craves the most power.
Real Madrid and Manchester Utd unfairly reached the pinnacle on borrowed money and now these new breed of clubs are usurping even these giants.
We will never get an even playing field whist greedy men sit at FIFA and the FAs across the World lining the pockets of even richer TV tycoons, encouraging greed in footballers, managers and even agents haha. They would never cap the money, but surely that is the way to go or our beloved game will be buried under piles of pieces of silver.

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