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The Bunkhouse Incident

Strangers had come in the night and taken advantage of there being no guards in the bunkhouse.

  4 Feb 2018   admin

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It was the scream that woke us. Long and piercing ending in a faint gurgle. It seemed to come from the direction of the bunkhouse.
Lily was stretched out on top of me and was first to react followed by Nick who was alongside Ma. These two should have been in the bunkhouse keeping lookout.
I quickly dressed to follow them. We had seen strangers for several days and we'd seen Ted from the junction peering through the fencing. He hung about with Blackie and Ginger who'd just moved into the area.
Nick carefully opened the outer door to the terrace and peered out...nothing. Lily was through the door before we could stop her and charging towards the bunkhouse. Nick followed, waddling a bit with his fat belly. I stayed by the door in case they came this way, what with my bad leg an all.
I thought Nick would take care of any interlopers and I couldn't see Weasley, who was a bit of a loose cannon, that we nicknamed James Bond. Any face off with Weasley usually meant a long stand off with a lot of handbagging.
It was then that Weasley came from the direction of the bunkhouse and through the door huffing and puffing unable to get his breath with his head going from side to side looking for a place to hide I'd bet.
When I went back into the kitchen both doors were wide open. Nick had only opened one door.
I looked about wondering why the doors were wide open.
Nick came back with Daisy, one of Lily's young 'ens and came into the house looking very nervous.
Finally I limped around toward the bunkhouse, only to meet Ma on her way back. She had obviously opened the doors when my back was turned.
She said " It was that teddy cat, with the black and white one and another ginger one from the bins. I scared 'em off ."

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